My name is Design Robot and I spend rather a lot of my time researching and searching the web to find examples of highly creative work and play in all types of design, photography, art, typography and more.

Of course, I’m not really a robot – that would be silly! – although I did dress up as one once, when I was 10 years old, for a school disco (think Daft Punk, only not as cool). In my many other lives, I am a graphic design, a printmaker, an artist, amateur photographer and all round soaker upper of creative goodness, based in Nottingham, England, UK.

This website is basically my glorified scrapbook of things that catch my magpie-like eye while flying around the world wide web.

I hope you find interest and/or inspiration within the pages. Feel free to follow my twitter feed and if you ever spot anything on your creative travels that you think should be added to the Design Robot collection, then please do get in touch and send me a link! I don’t bite. Much…


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  • RT : Super cool website on (unethical design in websites and apps that makes you do what you don't want to do) c…
  • RT : もう1つは三菱電機のMEToA Ginza で動いてる配送ロボット「MELBot(メルボ)」。体験したらクッキーくれた。エレベータ連携はもちろんVille-feuille(ヴィルフィーユ) https://t.co/iyHw…
  • RT : 1つ目は上野公園で動いてる枯山水ロボット The Constant Gardeners。 見に行ったらちょうど絵を消してるところだった。消すだけで30分、描画に1時間から1時間半かかるとのこと。ロボットは野ざらし。バイトの人は雨はカッパ着用で暑く、…
  • RT : 手作りキボウちゃん、開発者のSegawaさん(@segawachobbies )に動かし方教わったので、声に反応するインタラクションを実装してみた!! Voice interaction with handmade kibo-chan!!…


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Marius Watz | Illuminations B

Marius Watz | Illuminations B

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