Block Printed Cake

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Block Printed Cake

Combining two of my favourite things; printmaking and cake.

I must admit that I do have a sweet tooth. When I was a little robot, I was quite partial to an after-school treat and sometimes used to come home, whip up some butter icing to spread onto Rich Tea biscuits and then sneakily eat them all up while snuggled next to the radiator behind the sofa. Once I got a little too confident and attempted to make some flap-jack but it went horrendously wrong and I had to chip it out of the saucepan with a hammer and screwdriver before my Mum could find out! I now know that a little hot water and fairy liquid would have done the trick, but I was only about 10 so give me a break!


This delightful dessert from Ashley Brown is just genius. You can find out more here. It’s probably worth mentioning that if you are tempted to have a crack at one of these print-inspired cakes, then please do remember to use edible food colouring rather than lithographic ink. Although printing ink stuff does look like treacle, it really doesn’t taste quite so good. :(

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