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Letterpress loveliness

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Just received this letterpressed beauty in the post from Glasgow Press. I’m probably one of many designers who went straight over to order their own copy as soon as they read about it on Creative Reviews blog. It is designed by Kerr Vernon and really is pretty nice to hold, it features five A5 postcards with lyrics from Glaswegian bands pressed into the GH Smith Colorplan and all held together by a belly band with a wax seal — brilliant.

A great mailer that will surely succeed in bringing in some work and at the least rasing their profile in the minds of print loving designers everywhere.



Get a copy here.


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Amazing Illustrations from Loopy Dave

Posted in Illustration by Design Robot

Loopy Dave Illustration

Here’s some ridiculously good illustration work by a bloke called Loopy Dave.

There’s a great selection of his work over on Abduzeedo, but you can also check out his portfolio here. :)


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Block Printed Cake

Posted in Printmaking by Design Robot

Block Printed Cake

Combining two of my favourite things; printmaking and cake.

I must admit that I do have a sweet tooth. When I was a little robot, I was quite partial to an after-school treat and sometimes used to come home, whip up some butter icing to spread onto Rich Tea biscuits and then sneakily eat them all up while snuggled next to the radiator behind the sofa. Once I got a little too confident and attempted to make some flap-jack but it went horrendously wrong and I had to chip it out of the saucepan with a hammer and screwdriver before my Mum could find out! I now know that a little hot water and fairy liquid would have done the trick, but I was only about 10 so give me a break!


This delightful dessert from Ashley Brown is just genius. You can find out more here. It’s probably worth mentioning that if you are tempted to have a crack at one of these print-inspired cakes, then please do remember to use edible food colouring rather than lithographic ink. Although printing ink stuff does look like treacle, it really doesn’t taste quite so good. :(

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Happy New Year! — Bermondsey Street Art Calendar

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Got some printed loveliness from the folks at Bermondsey based design agency HudsonFuggle over Christmas for their street art themed calendar. Loving the bright orange printed on card. Read more »

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Daylight 7th Birthday Poster – Hand printed at Hot Bed Press

Posted in Graphic, Printmaking by Design Robot

As you may or may not know, I’m actively involved in a great little place called Hot Bed Press in Manchester.

Before moving to Nottingham, I had my studio there and still do all my screen printing and etching work in the printmakers’ workshop. It’s always nice to see what other people get up to in the treasure trove that is HBP, so here’s a great piece of creative print from Daylight; an award winning, independent, creative moving image company based in the northern quarter of Manchester.

To celebrate their 7th birthday, Daylight hand printed a limited edition of posters at Hot Bed Press and sent them out to friends, neighbours and clients. The posters are screen printed with a Phosphorescent paint which charges up in the light so it glows in the dark. Thankfully, Daylight documented the process behind the posters and created a little video. Enjoy…

Daylight Poster video

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