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Amazing Illustrations from Loopy Dave

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Loopy Dave Illustration

Here’s some ridiculously good illustration work by a bloke called Loopy Dave.

There’s a great selection of his work over on Abduzeedo, but you can also check out his portfolio here. :)


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Abstract Structures 2 – Atelier Olschinsky

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Abstract Structures 01

WOW! Just WOW!

Followers of Behance my have already seen this as they recently threw it onto their twitter feed, but I just had to post it here. Here we have a series of abstract complex illustrations called Structures 2 by Atelier Olchinsky. Read more »

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Brilliant Cubist illustrations of beer bottles

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Icobeer group image of beer bottles

Just a quick post today. While on my daily travels across’t internet, I stumbled upon these brilliant cubist illustrations of beer bottles from around the world, created by Iñaki Izquierdo Soria. For more on these illustrations and a whole host of other great design work, please hop on over to Iñaki’s website. Cheers! Read more »

New Ltd Edition Prints from Seb Lester

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“Passionate about letterforms.”

For those of you who have an avid interest in creative typography, Seb Lester should need no introduction. Indeed, Seb’s prints have been briefly featured on this website before, and it’s highly likely that you have admired his work without even knowing it.

Trained in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martin’s, Seb now works as a type designer, illustrator and artist in London, creating type illustrations and typefaces for some of the world’s most prolific companies. The CV of brands touched by his creativity reads like a who’s who of household names such as British Airways, Waitrose, The Daily Telegraph, H&M, Barclays, Apple and Nike. I could go on… Read more »

Typography and Illustration from Sebastian Lester

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While searching for some typographic inspiration today, I stumbled upon the website of Sebastian Lester.
Trained in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins, Seb now works in London as a type designer and typographic illustrator. Read more »

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