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Keep Calm and Carry On – Spinning Beach Ball of Death (SBOD)

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So, my brand new prescription sunglasses landed on the doormat today. Bonus. Now I’ll be able to enjoy the summer and actually see things at the same time. Brilliant!

Or at least it would be brilliant if the sun hadn’t decided to skulk off into the shadows, leaving nowt but gray skies, rain, and wind. Honestly, it’s like being back in Manchester! 😉 Read more »

Design – Should I Work For Free?

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This brilliantly witty flow chart has been doing the rounds on Twitter and if you’re a creative, then you will definitely be able to relate to it!
Props to Jessica Hische for creating it! I wonder if she paid herself for her time 😉

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Designer vs Client – amusing viral video

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WARNING – contains lots of hilariously naughty swear words! :)

The client//designer relationship can be a little fraught at times, especially with some of the downright stupid things clients say from time to time. This brilliant little viral vid hits the nail on the head and manages to cram in so many design related clichés graphics bods will have heard and can instantly relate to. Very funny stuff that is guaranteed to get any graphic designer rolling around floor in fits of giggles.

“Tell me the size and I don’t mean b*stard columns…give me f*cking millimeters or b*stard inches!” Oh….too true indeed!

Credit: FormFiftyFive

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