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6 billion people – 6 billion colours

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Nokia E71 – Universal Everything – 6 billion people, 6 billion colours from Sermad on Vimeo.

Nokia E71 – Universal Everything

Here’s a video (another old one I’m afraid) which gives an interesting take on social connections and building communities. Gives human characteristics to abstract shapes and spheres, Matt Pyke’s file shows the shapes interacting with each other – colliding, attracting, forming groups and populating the landscape.

‘The more connections I make, the further I can reach across the world finding inspiration in every person I meet.’ Matt Pyke

Find out more about Matt Pyke over at Computer Arts…

Amazing 3D Portraits and Character Design

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It’s absolutely amazing to see the level of detail and realism used in 3D design today, especially where people are the subject of the artwork. Internet design guru, Abduzeedo has put together an astonishing selection of 3D works to inspire… Check out more at Enjoy!

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