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New Print – Always Question Everything

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So I’ve created a design for a limited edition screen print. It’s called “Always Question Everything”. I’m really interested in great minds such as Einstein, Feynman, Tesla, and Da Vinci and the common factors that make their thinking so great. One common trait of genius is curiosity, and having an insatiable appetite for information and exploration in the quest for knowledge. This is the inspiration for my simple little design.


20:20 Print Exchange & Exhibition Submission

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So I finally managed to get my prints submitted to Hot Bed Press for the 20:20 Print Exchange. I had a few issues getting the silver foil blocking to apply properly to the Somerset art paper, but overall I’m pretty happy with the results. Considering it was my first proper attempt at Zinc HydroPlate etching (and etching in general), I think the final prints look pretty good. I definitely learned a lot about inking up and plate cleaning at the weekend! Read more »

20:20 Exhibition Work

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As the 20:20 Exhibition is fast approaching, I’ve finally managed to make some time to get into the print workshop and make a start on my submission. I’ll be creating a 2 colour hydroplate etching with over-layed screen print, based around the idea of ‘Curiosity’. Above is a sneak peak of the intended design. The finished print should have more depth, texture and grittyness as it usually the way with etchings :)

Reet – time to stop staring at the Mac monitor and get my hands dirty for a change :)

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