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What’s this? MORE alcohol based packaging on Design Robot?

I know, I know. I’ll try and find something non-alcoholic for next week to quench the thirst those pesky teetotaler’s that peruse this website. It is Friday though, so I’m hoping you’ll let me off! :)

Here we have an interesting experiment from Jørn, aka Jörn Beyer. What happens when you take iconic alcohol brands and repackage them from glass bottles to cardboard tetra-packs? Does the brand still hold up? How would consumers react to alcohol in a juice carton? As Jørn says on his website:

How would products of great brands of alcoholic spirits look like, if they were packed in beverage cartons instead of their prominent bottles? Times are changing, what remains of the brand?

Personally, I can’t shake the idea that the Jack Daniels carton would contain some kind of fiery orange juice and bourbon mix. I’m not quite sure how it would taste, but I would be mighty surprised if I picked up the carton to find it full to the brim of pure whisky instead! I can’t decide if the illusion is due to the orange colour used on the packaging, or because my brain has been conditioned to think carton = juice.

As for the Absolut Vodka pack. That screams of White Russian cocktail!

Take a look and let me know what you think?

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