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So, I’ve finally found a little time to post some more! To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been great at ‘Time Management’ and a quick flick through my ‘Record Of Achievement’ from big school shows that every year, without fail, I quite sincerely wrote “Next year I will aim to manage my time better and to apply myself more”. Well, the thought was there anyway! The aim was spot on, but I somehow never hit the target. Many years later and I’m still to achieve that GTD ‘mind like water’ state of organisational bliss. One day though, I promise…

Anyway, enough babbling. Here we have the portfolio of Brett Kellett, a thoroughly decent bloke that I met at Hot Bed Press, the excellent open-access printmakers’ workshop in Salford, Manchester. Now I won’t lie. Brett is a good lad, but the fact that like me, he’s also from Yorkshire, drinks Yorkshire Tea and likes a decent pint of real ale means that my opinions may be biased. You should probably read below and then pop over to his website to make your own minds up.

It Came From The North…

In the interests of laziness efficiency, I’ll let Brett tell you about himself in his own words which I’ve robbed borrowed from his website…

I’m a Yorkshire born graphic designer currently based in the ‘rainy city’ of Manchester. I graduated from the Lincoln School of Graphic Design in 2008 with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design and have since gained valuable experience working in agencies in London, Leeds and Manchester.

I love typography, sketching out ideas and generally being creative and can usually be found drinking Yorkshire Tea, pretending I know something about real ale and wishing I was an astronaut (a recent obsession).

I’m one half of the creative partnership, Such A Good Studio and work individually and experiment under the pseudonym IT CAME FROM THE NORTH.

If you would like to speak to me about any opportunities, find out more about me or just want someone to have a cuppa/pint with then let me know.


Brett works as a designer for the British Council and there’s a whole host of good graphic design examples on his website such as the elegantly simple Darwin Now illustration above. The piece that I really like, however, is his hand-crafted book entitled “The Ramblings of a Flatcapper” (see below) featuring a collection of hand-printed phrases and sayings stamped in true Northern dialect. It seems I’m not the only one who loved this charmingly nostlagic and witty execution as it won a host of awards including an ISTD Award earning him membership into the International Society of Typographic Designers. Brett was also asked to exhibit at D&AD’s New Blood 2008, so he must be a bit good…

So, what are you waiting for… head on over to Brett’s website!

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