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A day in the life of an Audi driver – Amazing Video

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Put your pedal to the metal!

So I don’t know about you, but this here robot is actually a bit of a petrol head. While I’ll quite happily watch a game of football, cricket, or at a push, rugby, I’m not massively into ball sports. This is mainly because I’m not very good at them. What I am good at, however, is motorsport. Read more »

A Pot Noeldle Christmas – by Pot Noodle

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Here’s a great animated ad from Pot Noodle which is an amusing take on the usual sugar-coated Christmas ads. The noodle van is coming… noodle van is coming… :)

Credits go to:
Agency: AKQA
Creative director: James Hilton
Production company: A Large Evil Corporation
Director: Seth Watkins
Lead animator: Eva Bennett
Lead modelmaker: Ahmed Hussein

6 billion people – 6 billion colours

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Nokia E71 – Universal Everything – 6 billion people, 6 billion colours from Sermad on Vimeo.

Nokia E71 – Universal Everything

Here’s a video (another old one I’m afraid) which gives an interesting take on social connections and building communities. Gives human characteristics to abstract shapes and spheres, Matt Pyke’s file shows the shapes interacting with each other – colliding, attracting, forming groups and populating the landscape.

‘The more connections I make, the further I can reach across the world finding inspiration in every person I meet.’ Matt Pyke

Find out more about Matt Pyke over at Computer Arts…

Sony Bravia Bouncing Balls Advert

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Ok, so I know this is a really old advert, but I just stumbled across it again and remembered how amazing it was to watch the first time – especially in the cinema! It really is a beautifully shot piece of film and the visual works perfectly with Jose Gonzalez’s cover of The Knife’s original electro track, “Heartbeats”. The LCD TV at the end looks a bit dated though!


Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage Video (Optical Illusions)

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I’ve long been a fan of this track since hearing Jody Wisternoff playing it. Here’s the official video which showcases a few of the more famous optical illusions and geometric impossibilities. Enjoy :)

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